Diana Oman - Author of "My Heart Smiles"

The story of "My Heart Smiles" began in 2006 when I was introduced to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. These Law of Attraction teachings are simple, articulate, and often humorous concepts on how we create our lives through our vibrational thoughts and beliefs. They inspired me to deliberately embrace my life with a positive attitude. (www.abraham-hicks.com)

Since 2006, I have hosted local Thursday evening gatherings affectionately called, Abrahamland, where we meditate, watch Abraham-Hicks DVDs, and explore Law of Attraction on all topics.

In 2010, on an Abraham-Hicks workshop cruise with 700 other like-minded positive thinkers, I was chosen to sit on stage in the “hot seat” and invited to ask a question. My request was for a rampage of appreciation that would help us all to “get” these teachings on a cellular level. The reply I received was very inspiring and, in essence, I was told that I would ABC my way through the alphabet in a way that I could learn to feel my own worthiness and learn to love myself.

I took a simple one word ABC process from that workshop and used it for my daily practice to amp up the feeling of "feeling good!" (It's real simple...think of "A", then think of an "A' word that feels good, and take a breath, then think of "B", and think of a "B" word that feels good, and take a breath... and just continue doing this all the way through the alphabet thinking of soft gentle good feeling words.) It worked for me! So, I kept on doing it...as I closed my eyes before falling asleep and before I opened my eyes in the morning! The one-word process gradually expanded into finding two or three affirming words for each letter of the alphabet, and those expanded into longer phrases, and finally into the sentences that became the text for "My Heart Smiles!"

That text has now merged with Colleen's brilliant original illustrations to create this uplifting one of a kind ABC book. My hope is that it will inspire you and make your heart smile as it has mine! It's truly a book for the kid in all of us! I am thrilled to share it with you!

Previously, Diana was a high school physical education teacher for seventeen years and coached the girls' basketball, volleyball, track, and tennis teams. She also was a disability client advocate for eighteen years. She is currently a holistic practitioner in Marquette, Michigan. (www.lakesuperiorholisticconnection.com). She loves traveling to explore new places, enjoys exceptional food, and loves having fun in a wide variety of outdoor activities, especially, those on, in, or near Lake Superior! "My Heart Smiles" is Diana's first book.

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