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My Heart Smiles is a good feeling ABC book for the kid in all of us, and it's currently available online! CLICK HERE to order

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It's written by Diana Oman and illustrated by Colleen O'Hara.

This 64-page hardcover book inspires self-esteem and confidence in a colorful, fun and playful way.


The following Video is from our successfully-funded Kickstarter project:


4/30/2014 - Colleen & Diana were interviewed on the Fox UP TV6 morning show:

4/30/2014 - Fox UP TV6 also covered the My Heart Smiles book release party:

4/30/2014 - Here's a little bit of raw footage of the Book Release Party:

3/11/2014 - ABC 10 covered a book reading and our Kickstarter Project:

Radio Interview on the Sunny 102 Morning show with Walt and Mike on April 28th, 2014:
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Here's what people are saying about the book:

"This book makes me feel happy." ~Patty

"Gorgeous Illustrations." ~Roslyn

"It's such high-vibe!" ~Helen

"It just takes your breath away!" ~Tyler

"I'm smiling so much that my cheeks hurt!" ~Scott

Vision Statement

The vision of My Heart Smiles LLC, is to inspire children of all ages to believe in their dreams and to provide the support to see them through. 

A percentage of the profit of My Heart Smiles LLC is donated annually to organizations and programs that embody the spirit of "My Heart Smiles."

“My Heart Smiles” Workshops, tailored for your group, organization or school,
are available upon request. For more information, please